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Fish Skin Shoes

Photo courtesy of Karen Gummo Author: Karen Gummo, Calgary, AB

Hail to the speaker! Hail to the one who listens. May the ones who hear these words prosper because of them. Hail to all who listen … to all who take the journey …
Nesti og nýja skó! Nesti og nýja skó!
To find the chance, the chance to take a journey … one needs new shoes.
I am a storyteller – I tell stories from my head and my heart. I am on a journey to discover who I am. It is good to have an identity as a human being – something that sets you apart. I always knew I had origins in Iceland. All of my mother’s family came from there. Early in life I didn’t think about it much. Didn’t consider it at all really. At last, someone turned my attention to the homeland of my ancestors and I was overcome with a sense of longing. Iceland is a beautiful place, untouched in some corners, and there is a deeply-held passion there for poetry and literature. The epic sagas were delivered from lips to ear in the smoky baðstofas (front rooms) of ordinary farmers’ turf cottages for more than 1000 years. I had clearly chosen a profession true to my DNA.
Now I hoped to get there as quickly as possible. But it is not a quick undertaking. I didn’t want to simply arrive there as another tourist. Perhaps I could offer to tour the country and bring my favourite stories? I like to dance and to draw and paint. I could do some of that along the way too, I thought. How could I convince the powers that be that they would wish to listen to my stories? Would they embrace me and the gifts I had to offer? Hmmm I thought … not unless I underwent some kind of transformation. I would need to be reborn …


The sagas continued

Photo: Stefan Jonasson  

The 96th annual convention of the Icelandic National League, which was held from May 14 to 17, 2015, promised that the sagas would continue and that Icelandic connections would be made. Those who gathered in Minneapolis were not disappointed. In this issue of Lögberg-Heimskringla, we feature images from the convention, showing the diversity of presenters and participants who attended the convention, along with speeches by Ambassador Sturla Sigurjónsson and Ambassador Hjálmar W. Hannesson. In our next issue, we will present pictures of this year’s award winners and their testimonials. Over the summer months, Lögberg-Heimskringla will feature some of the presentations from this richly rewarding event.

Influenced by Iceland, Fontana Swing launches new exhibition

Photo courtesy of Gallery Fontana Swing Author: Steinþór Guðbjartsson, Reykjavík, Iceland

Katrina Anderson blends Iceland and ancestors in creating new paintings
The multitasking artist Katrina Anderson visited Iceland for the first time about a year ago and, shortly after her arrival, she stepped into the Atlantic ocean in Nauthólsvík, the sandy beach of Reykjavík. “Now I have wet my toes in the same ocean as my ancestors did and the next step is to think about an art show based on the impression I get from Iceland,” she said triumphantly. The exhibition Vegvísir is based on ideas and inspirations Katrina received during her visit and it will be launched at her gallery, Gallery Fontana Swing, in Toronto on June 6, 2015.
Katrina grew up in “an Icelandic atmosphere” on the prairies of Manitoba and has always looked at Iceland with appreciation and expectation. “I used my time in Iceland well, made sketches in various places like the breakfast room of Hótel Holt while waiting for my sister to join me for breakfast, at the balcony of the house where we stayed in Akureyri, and in coffee shops. Upon returning back to Toronto I used the sketches to do my paintings for the show.” She emphasizes that she always listens to music while painting. “When I worked on this particular collection, I listened mainly to the music of Sigur Rós, Ólöf Arnalds, Björk, and Ásgeir. The music of Sigur Rós reflects Iceland’s unique landscape very well and I hope I can reflect it in my work.”


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