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Taste of Markerville

Photo: Kathleen Raines Kathleen Raines, Markerville, AB

“It takes a village” – or in this case a hamlet – to present a great country food fair, and Markerville pulled out all the stops to welcome hundreds of visitors on July 26 for the second edition of Taste of Markerville. This collaborative project is designed to showcase great local food, farmers and Historic Markerville’s sites – Fensala Hall, the Markerville Church and the Creamery Museum – and the scenic beauty of the hamlet.
The original concept for a food fair simmered over several years as the food service program at Fensala Hall developed and solidified strong connections with local food producers and suppliers. In late 2012, a planning committee, comprising local farmers, rural tourism partners and representation from the promotions committee of the Stephan G Stephansson Icelandic Society (SGSIS) came together to plan the inaugural Taste of Markerville in July 2013. A country market and a great local feature menu at the Fensala Country Kitchen were successful in attracting and feeding a large crowd of satisfied visitors.


Icelandic films in abundance at Chicago film festival

Photo courtesy of Axiom, from press releases  

The 50th annual Chicago International Film Festival, running October 9 to 23, has a category called Spotlight on Scandinavia and, if tickets are still available, between October 18 and October 20, there are six Icelandic films slated for screening.
Festival organizers, Cinema/Chicago, promote the event as “50 years of exciting, bold and daring new work from around the globe . . .  championing movies from the hottest young filmmakers to the most accomplished masters, from star-studded spectacles to the latest indie gems.”


Leifur Ericksson Day: If it’s a holiday, who celebrates it?

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Joan Eyolfson Cadham, Foam Lake, SK

It’s easy to find information about Leifur Ericksson /Leifr Ericksson / Leif Erikson / Leif the Lucky and it’s equally easy to find information about the inauguration of the special day commemorating the Viking explorer. It’s a little more difficult to determine who actually celebrates that day.
In 1963, the U.S. Representative from Duluth, John Blatnik, introduced a bill to observe Leif Erikson Day nationwide. The following year Congress adopted this unanimously. In 1964, the United States Congress authorized and requested the President to create the observance through an annual proclamation.
The date, October 9, does not mark any special moment in Leifur’s life. In fact, it doesn’t mark his life at all, except in name. The date commemorates the arrival of the ship Restauration which came from Stavanger, Norway, and landed in New York Harbor on October 9, 1825, the beginnings of the first organized immigration from Norway to the United States.


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