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Feeling like royalty - Reflections from last year’s Fjallkona

Photo: Stefan Jonasson

Author: Karen Borgford Botting, Winnipeg, MB

Congratulations and best wishes to Tami Schirlie, the Fjallkona for 2017. I was asked to share with you my reflections of this past year as Fjallkona.
When I received the phone call from Robbie Rousseau telling me that I had been selected as the Fjallkona for the 2016 Íslendingadagurinn, I was excited, humbled, nervous, and honoured all at once. A great mix of emotions! After all, you are now the symbol of culture and heritage during these celebrations. Then I became somewhat intimidated as I thought of the many accomplished women who had preceded me. However, those same role models were a wonderful support during my tenure.
The theme for this past 127th year of Íslendingadagurinn was “Celebrating New Iceland,” looking both forward and backward.  . . .


“From acorns come mighty oaks” - Jón Sigurðsson Day address at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Photo: Stefan Jonasson

Author: Dr. Jón Atli Benediktsson, President and Rector, University of Iceland

Minister, Consul General of Iceland, Fjallkona, Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am very honored, as the Rector and President of the University of Iceland, to address this gathering on Iceland’s National Day. As all of you know, of course, on this day Icelanders commemorate their national hero, Jón Sigurðsson, who was born on June 17, 1811, in the rectory in Hrafnseyri on Arnarfjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland. On the same day in 1944, just 73 years ago, the Republic of Iceland was founded on Alþingi’s ancient site, Þingvellir, and since then Icelanders have celebrated their National Day on June 17. Those of us working at the University of Iceland associate this day with yet another occasion because the school’s formal founding was on June 17, 1911, on the centennial of Jón Sigurðsson’s birth. Today, the University of Iceland is therefore 106 years old.  . . .


The lure of Vancouver

Photo: Wikimedia / Creative Commons

Author: Robert Asgeirsson, White Rock, BC

I lived with my parents, Jochum and Ingibjörg Asgeirsson, in our home at 126 Lodge Avenue, in the Silver Heights neighbourhood of St. James, now part of Winnipeg. The winters were brutal and I didn’t know any better.
One stormy day, just before Easter, my father made it home for lunch with some exciting news about a job offer if I was interested to make some money for my university education. Apparently, his friend from the Shriners, Johnny Bush, who worked at CNR crew dispatch, needed a dishwasher for an “Easter Special” train going to Vancouver later in the afternoon. I think I was 17 or 18 at the time and had never been to BC. He said that the train was leaving in a few hours and he’d drive me down to the station through the blizzard conditions. I said, “Sure!” A quick phone call to Johnny set things in motion.  . . .




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