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Hip-hop and hákarl

  Author: Paul Park, Ottawa, ON

How do you mix hip-hop with hákarl? Groups of Icelandic musicians are showing the world just how easy it is.
Britain’s Guardian newspaper recently ran an article on “the world’s most barmy and brilliant rap scene.” Reporter Ben Murphy was surprised that the performers rap in their native language and appear in their videos in front of glaciers.
“It’s unavoidable,” MC Blær of the all-female group Reykjavíkurdætur told Murphy. “We are influenced by it since we live on an island surrounded by ocean. We are trapped in beautiful landscapes.”
Reykjavíkurdætur is a 22-member collective who love to shake things up. The group has only been together for a few months and made a splash when appearing at last year’s edition of Iceland Airwaves. Its tunes, with titles like Sjálfstæðisfyllerí, may confuse non-Icelanders. But Blær pays that no mind.
“It’s difficult for rappers to get world recognition if they are going to stick to their language, since the lyrics have such importance in hip-hop,” she told the Guardian. “But people don’t understand Sigur Rós or Björk most of the time and still they are praised all over the world.”
Other artists featured by Murphy were Geimfarar, Gísli Pálmi and Lord Pusswhip. Lord Pusswhip, a 20-year-old producer, has a new album that is about to be released in North America on Toronto’s Bad Actors label.


Address of the Fjallkona at Íslendingadagurinn

 Photo: Stefan Jonasson Author: Linda Sigurdson Collette, Winnipeg, MB

Þaðan koma meyjar
margs vitandi,
þrjár, ór þeim sal
er und þolli stendr;
Urð hétu eina,
aðra Verðandi,
Skuld ina þriðju.
– Völuspá
Thence come the maids
who much do know;
three from the hall
beneath the tree;
one they named Was,
and Being next,
the third Shall Be.
– Prophecy of the Völva


Sol James performs at Music on the Rooftop

  Author: Judy Bradley,Winnipeg, MB

On the Saturday night of Íslendingadagurinn, the Johnson Hall was full of people enjoying great music. This is the first time the Sol James Trio has performed at Music on the Rooftop in Gimli. Sol James, the stage name of Heitha Forsyth, has performed at many venues in Winnipeg and now for the first time she was invited to perform at Music on the Rooftop, which has become an annual event at the Icelandic Festival, featuring local artists and artists of Icelandic descent. Heitha is proud of her Icelandic heritage. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a major in music and a minor in Icelandic studies. As well, she has travelled to Iceland twice in the last ten years to do field school and connect with her heritage.


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