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Valgardson wins first Cadham award

Photo: Leif Norman / LeifNorman.net


W.D. (Bill) Valgardson was honoured with the first Joan Inga Eyolfson Cadham Award at the annual convention of the Icelandic National League. The award was recently established to recognize outstanding promotion of Icelandic culture and heritage through contributions to literature, arts, and media.
The award was presented by Inga Chisholm, who is Joan’s daughter, and it was accepted on Bill’s behalf by Lögberg-Heimskringla editor Stefan Jonasson, since Bill was unable to be present for this year’s convention in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
“At the risk of making him seem old,” Stefan remarked, “Bill’s book of short stories, Bloodflowers, was the first full-length book I ever read from beginning to end as an adolescent and his short stories and novels, poetry and essays have touched my heart ever since, as I am sure they have touched most of you.”  . . .




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