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First Impressions

Photo: Buck82 / Creative Commons

Author: Norma Guttormsson, Maple Ridge, BC

Springtime ushers in warmer temperatures and, within the Arctic Circle, minus ten degrees Celsius is an early sign that winter is disappearing. Mounds of long-standing snow still hug the ground, stubbornly yielding to the sun’s warm penetrating rays. Each day brings an added four minutes of daylight and, by the middle of April, sixteen hours of sunlight gradually make an impression.
The apartment, propped up on the permafrost, overlooks the RCMP office, and each morning, I lift the room-darkening shade to check the Canadian flag on its roof. On this day, the flag “weather-vane,” lying limply, tells me a stroll will be a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  . . .




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